One Christmas at a Time

Original Christmas songs by John Roderick & Jonathan Coulton

For this seasonal album John Roderick joined forces with songwriter Jonathan Coulton. This yielded ten original Christmas songs (actually one of them is a Chanukah song, so OK, nine).
8 of these were written just for this album by this super team of creative geniuses. There is also an original Jonathan Coulton song from Thing A Week and an original John Roderick song previously available on a 2004 compilation.

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Putting the Days to Bed

Putting the Days to Bed, the third LP is a chronicle of some rough times: a collection of songs that make you feel like you've been talking to someone really interesting in an airport for the last hour and, although you know you'll never see them again, you just told them your whole life story and a part of you will love them forever. Featuring Pushover and Rich Wife. Produced by John Roderick and released in 2006.

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The Ultimatum EP is gilded with string quartets and analog synths, but at its core are four adventurous songs about disaster. Electric guitar takes a backseat to toy keyboards and trashed drum-loops as shuttles crash, lovers drown, and machines take over the Earth. Featuring The Commander Thinks Aloud and Ultimatum. Released in 2005.

Bonus: two live, solo acoustic performances which reveal the naked power of John Roderick's songs minus the studio finery. Also available on 140-gram vinyl with an additional 4 bonus tracks.

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When I Pretend to Fall

As its cover art suggests, the second Long Winters record is like a tangled rainbow. Blasts of horn, swelling organs, and chiming guitars punctuate lyrics exploring hope and despair in equal measure, and which come in to focus more and more as life wears on. Featuring Cinnamon and Blue Diamonds. Released in May 2003.

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The Worst You Can Do is Harm

The first Long Winters LP sounds like what it is: a chronicle of mental and emotional dissolution, set alight by lyrics that scour the dark corners of the psyche and by unstoppable pop hooks turned all inside-outsky. Featuring Carparts and Scent of Lime. Released in 2002 and recommended for times when your headphones are your shield against the world.

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Connections to Nashville split single

In a digital age, thankfully there are still people who cherish the old-fashioned power of the vinyl single as a perfect way of bringing two acts together. Thus this split single connected The Long Winters with Spiral Stairs, on limited edition luscious clear vinyl. Released by Mt Fuji Records courtesy of Barsuk, in September 2010.

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Live at the Showbox DVD

Live at the Showbox gives a taste of what a show by The Long Winters show is all about, and more. A 19-song setlist, including one rehearsed and one impromptu cover. Friends dropping in, dropping drumsticks, playing horns and dancing wildly. And a whole commentary track worth of banter. This homecoming Seattle show after months of touring catches the band looking at its best, and sounding even better. The first official release of a live performance, made by Dorsia Films, released in December 2008.

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Burn to Shine DVD

The Burn to Shine manifesto: 1) Gather local bands on one day to play live in a house or building that is going to be destroyed. 2) Each band plays one song and performs their song twice. 3) No overdubs. 4) Film the building's destruction. 5) Edit and display in chronological order. 6) That is all.

On 27 January 2007 Seattle was the stage for the 5th installment of this project from Trixie DVD. Benjamin Gibbard brought together 14 bands: The Long Winters, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, Harvey Danger, Tiny Vipers, The Cave Singers, Minus The Bear, Eddie Vedder, Kinski, Spook The Horse, The Can't See, The Blue Scholars, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned To Death, and himself.
The Long Winters' song featured is (It's A) Departure.

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The Long Winters have contributed several previously unreleased songs to compilations. There have been covers of They Might Be Giants, Harvey Danger, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. The first release of The Commander Thinks Aloud, before it appeared on the Ultimatum ep, and the previously unreleased Not Moving to Portland. And a Christmas song that in true Long Winters fashion catches the holiday spirit with a twist.
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For a complete discography of the Long Winters, including European releases, promotional recordings, and soundtracks, consult the Complete Works section of the Long Winters Library.